Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the foundation of ZipTech Media and its proprietary Media Buy System A: ZipTech was founded by a need to deliver accountable results for marketers like you. Our team of experts begins every media buy with meticulous research to identify who your customer is, how they engage with content, and most importantly where they are engaging. To do this, we rely upon our proprietary state of the art Media Buy System (MBS) that gives us the flexibility to support and manage a multifaceted ROI driven campaign.

Q: What makes ZipTech Media different from the rest? A: ZipTech Media drives accountable ROI for your business. We specialize in utilizing our research tools and proprietary media buy system to give you more impressions at the lowest cost. Our MBS enables us to attribute your campaign results on a daily basis on a local, or national campaign to drive exponential growth for your business.

Q: What do ZipTech Media’s services include? A: Research, Planning, Buying, Campaign Management, Trafficking, Payments, Optimizing, Auditing and Reconciliations.

Q: Do you work with other agencies or directly with clients? A: We have direct clients and since our media buying system is so unique we have the privilege of working with other agencies. We welcome all types of businesses who can utilize our unique services.

Q: What type of brand experience does ZipTech Media have? A: To name a few: Education, Telecom, Home Products, Fitness & Wellness, Skincare, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance and Financial Services. Thanks to the research tools and internal database of current and past successful campaigns we’re able to build a roadmap to drive ROI for your business goals in any category.

Q: How much does this cost? A: Call us now for your free initial consultation with one of our campaign strategy experts.


“I had a very positive experience with ZipTech Media. I have used them for radio and print advertising, and unequivocally, can tell you that the rates I received were much more aggressive than other competitors I've worked with.

In particular, regarding radio, we used them last summer and fall. The creative was lead generation. The campaign worked so well in selective markets that we had to dial back on radio because we could not keep up with leads. They did their due diligence in media planning and did a good job on reporting as well.”

Murray Brannen
Amen Clinics

ZipTech Media is very easy to work with. The team is very organized, which means less work for me. I like the follow-up and checking up to see if the campaign is working. If the campaign needs fixes, they are quick to make changes.””

Lise Getz