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We Take Targeting To The Next Level

We are a leading media agency fueled by state of the art technology that provides our team the tools to plan, purchase, optimize and geo-target your media. Whether it's general advertising or direct response, we create targeted brand-building media solutions.

Media Solutions

  • Local Cable TV

  • National TV

  • Word of Mouth

  • Radio

  • Print

  • Out of Home

  • Mobile

Local Cable TV

Want to target a television audience within a 5-mile radius of a Walmart nationwide? With local cable TV, we localize like no one else. We have the flexibility to geo-target your campaign, even to ZIP codes tied to specific retail locations. ZipTech Media has built relationships with the people who understand the local areas best for English or Spanish languages.

In addition to managing all 210 DMAs and the areas within the DMAs, our Media Buy System (MBS) allows us to target areas down to specific ZIP codes, making for greater efficiency without sacrificing strategy.

TV Targeting by ZIP Code: It’s not just for Direct Mail Any More

Our proprietary Media Buying System (MBS) maps cable TV in 44,000 ZIP codes so you can run a national campaign – but target only the areas you want to reach. Amazingly, our ZIP targeted CPM ‘s are similar to national, but without the wastage. So you can save hugely and get better results.

If you support franchisees, local retail stores or run any other ZIP code sensitive TV campaigns, this is the way to go.

TV Targeting By Store: A revolution in TV advertising efficiency

Now ZipTech lets you fish where the fish are! Our proprietary Media Buying System (MBS) maps stores in 44,000 ZIP codes so you can run a national campaign – but only around your most productive stores.

Our clients have experienced huge sales and efficiency gains by changing the focus of their campaigns to put more frequency where it makes the most difference.

TV Targeting for Advocacy: The Margin of Victory

ZipTech Media has a deep rooted relationship with cable operators and near real-time information that will help Advocacy clients grasp the right voters. We not only have the ability to geo-target and correlate demographics; we also know the areas that have not been saturated with other political campaigns. Affecting voters to understand your unique efforts without all the advertising clutter. This service can successfully give our political clients the Margin of Victory.

National TV

A few reasons why you should consider running a national TV campaign:

  • You have a new and/or current brand that caters to a national audience and brand awareness will take your company to the next level
  • You have a current national campaign on air and are looking to lower your Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • You are a local business that can monetize a national audience
  • You are a franchisor or franchisee that needs to target multiple locations throughout the United States
  • You are an online business looking for traffic to meet your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goals
  • You are a service provider that can deliver to a national audience
  • You are a retailer with multiple locations throughout the US

ZipTech Media is a brand response agency which utilizes the benefits of national TV, the most successful image-centric advertising medium to drive leads and ROI. Our passion is to build your success one step at a time. ZipTech Media can navigate through the networks and we are unyielding in our pursuit of the best rates and availability for our clients. The equation is simple: Use the networks’ reach with our knowledge to get results. Reach + ZipTech Media = Results.

Have product at retail? Work with us to drive retail sales and our $10,000 ROI sponsorship will help attribute your retail revenue increases to the media plans we build and execute for your targeted retail store or ZIP code-focused campaign.

Already have a national campaign running and need to drive ROI from your product at retail or to your website? That’s great! Let us target your consumers and the ZIP codes they live in. We specialize in driving direct response results on a national level to help you build a successful business online, in retail, and every other distribution channel you’re in. Target your customers with ZipTech Media.

Online & Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Do you need an online or word-of-mouth marketing strategy to support your media campaign? What do you want your customers to remember you by? We’ll research, plan, launch and optimize your online & word-of-mouth campaign. Whether it’s a text, display, pop-up, flash, or video ad, we target and optimize media plans to support your integrated campaign, including:

  • “Buzz”
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Contests

.....and more!


Want to integrate radio into your media mix? Let the professionals at ZipTech Media determine your budget, map out the best stations and how many spots to run. Whether it’s English or Spanish, ZipTech Media will create a profitable radio plan that delivers customers to your business.


Want creative ways to help your Ad stand out? We negotiate the most competitive rates, positions and value-added merchandising whenever possible. Whatever your target: local or national, consumer or trade, business to business, direct to consumer, in English or Spanish, our experts help you formulate the right print strategy to reach your target audience.

Out Of Home

Want to reach your customers who are always “on the go”? Outdoor advertising reaches audiences in public places where they eat, play, work and gather. It is a medium that targets an audience with simple and direct messaging. ZipTech Media not only enables visibility through bus shelters to billboards, but also:

  • Transit
  • Cinema
  • Displays
  • Elevators
  • Mall advertising
  • Newsracks or booth advertising

.....and more!


Want to communicate with your customers directly through their hand held device? Use mobile advertising to reach, target and gain a two-way interaction learning more about your consumers wants and needs. ZipTech Media can deliver a high impact and engaging mobile campaign, including:

  • Mobile banner ads
  • Larger size expansions/display
  • Games
  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes

.....and more!

What Our Clients Say

  • ZipTech Media is very easy to work with. The team is very organized, which means less work for me. I like the follow-up and checking up to see if the campaign is working. If the campaign needs fixes, they are quick to make changes.

    LISE GETZ, CiTrials

  • The ZipTech team helped us develop a plan that was measurable and could be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients. We continue to adjust our campaigns with their guidance. They really help us to maximize success.

    Marty Hitzeman
    Get Talked About

  • I had a very positive experience with ZipTech Media. I have used them for radio and print advertising, and unequivocally, can tell you that the rates I received were much more aggressive than other competitors I've worked with.

    In particular, regarding radio, we used them last summer and fall. The creative was lead generation. The campaign worked so well in selective markets that we had to dial back on radio because we could not keep up with leads. They did their due diligence in media planning and did a good job on reporting as well.

    Murray Brannen
    Vice President of Marketing
    Amen Clinics